Your soap delivered on repeat.  This starter plan is for 1 bar a month.  Perfect for the light shower'er or man on the go.  Sit back, relax and never worry about running out of soap.  Only $8 per month, and all of our SoapScription plans include Free Shipping!


The Basic Subscription Plan:

- 3 Bars Delivered every quarter (1/ Month)

- Let us pick the bars for you or pick your favorite flavor(s)

- Shipping included in the price!


This is the optimal plan for you if:

- You shower once per day or less

- You are the only person using the soap


This may not be the plan for you if:

- You shower more than 2x per day

- You have family members (or roomates) who may use your soap

- You like to "lather excessively" 6+ times per shower


The Fine Print:

- Billing and mailing is done quarterly to save on shipping costs and pass the savings on to you

- You will be charged $24 initially, and then every 3 months from the original signup date

- You will be taken to our partner site for checkout for the subscription

- You can cancel at anytime, but it must be before the quarterly billing cycle.