About Us

the squatch has to come from somewhere



Our Story

Dr. Squatch Soap Co. started as the idea to create a simple, natural, and manly soap. We believe that the Sasquatch is the perfect embodiment of this spirit.  So we created a soap bar which resembles that, with simple ingredients from mother earth, carefully chosen just for your body.  

We are a homegrown company that believes in trust and transparency, and like the great wild Sasquatch we believe in living a free, simple, and natural life.  We have a deep admiration for being in nature, and we sought to bring this experience to other guys, even if its just in the shower.

Just like the Sasquatch who roams free we too enjoy exploring and pursuing an active life, making that time of cleansing all the sweeter.  We are proud of Dr. Squatch Soap's ability to let men unleash their inner man, in all the glory of everyday adventure, independence, and freedom.  

Childhood friends and family are all that make up our company at this point, but even though we're small, we still have big plans to leave a positive mark on everyone and everything we come in contact with through originality, responsibility, and quality.


The Soap Process

Our soap has ingredients you can pronounce. Everything we put in our soap serves a purpose.  The natural elements work together to clean, nourish, and rejuvenate the largest organ of your body, your skin. It's time we started caring about the ingredients in things we use, inside and outside our bodies.

The "Cold Process" method is used for our soap bars. Lye is mixed with water, our natural base oils, and butters. The lye forms with the oils during the process and causes the oils to "saponify" or harden over time. All of our bars contain a base oil of Olive, Coconut, Hemp, Soy, and Shea Butter. In addition the bars may contain exfoliants such as oatmeal or peppermint leaves and scented with essential or safe fragrance oils.